Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Summer Academic Enrichment Program Data

A Minnesota funded financial aid program for low-income students to attend summer enrichment camps


The Summer Academic Enrichment Program created by the 2015 Minnesota legislature provides stipends to cover all or a portion of the direct cost for low-income students in grades 3-11 to attend eligible summer academic enrichment programs.

Summer breaks from school often take a toll on student learning as students are deprived of academic stimulation. Research shows that during the summer, low-income students suffer disproportionate learning loss; and those losses accumulate over time, contributing substantially to the achievement gap between low- and higher-income children. This "summer learning loss" is one of the least acknowledged causes of achievement gaps in America's schools. Minnesota's Summer Academic Enrichment Program seeks to counter the achievement gap and give children access to high-quality experiences that keep exercising their minds and boosting academic performance through participation in challenging enrichment classes in core curricular areas.