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Dual Training Grant

Pairing on-the-job training with related instruction to generate a comprehensive platform for learning


In support of the implementation of the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline administered by the MN Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), the 2015 Minnesota Legislature established the Dual Training Grant administered by the MN Office of Higher Education(OHE). The Dual Training Grant (Minnesota Statutes 136A.246) is a funding source that generates collaborative and strategic educational solutions between employers and related instruction training providers across Minnesota. Employers or organizations of employers may apply for grants to reimburse expenses related to instruction toward attaining an industry-recognized degree, certificate or credential for their employees.

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Dual Trainee Success.

Hear from dual-trainee graduates about their success with the grant and the positive impact on their careers.

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Who is Eligible?

An eligible applicant must meet all of the following

  • Be an employer or organization of employers which include for-profit organizations, non-governmental (non-profit) organizations, municipalities, state agencies, and tribal sovereign nations
  • Have or will have a dual-training program which meets competency standards through means of on-the-job training by the employer and related instruction by an eligible training provider
  • Employ or will employ an eligible dual trainee
  • Have or will enter into agreement with a training provider
  • If annual gross revenue exceeds $25,000,000 in the previous calendar year, pay for at least 25% of the training provider’s charges for the eligible training
  • If a current or prior DTG recipient, be in good standing on all grant requirements
  • If a recipient of other Minnesota State grant programs, be in good standing on all grant requirements

What Related Instruction Training is eligible?

Related instruction is an opportunity for dual trainees to learn the fundamentals of occupations through formal training from a training provider. An eligible related instruction program must meet all of the following:

  • Provided by an eligible training provider
  • Meets one or more identified competency standards
  • Instructor-led for a majority of the training
  • Results in the dual trainee receiving an eligible industry-recognized degree, certificate, or credential

What Training Providers are Eligible?

An eligible related instruction training provider must operate legally in Minnesota by meeting one of the following standards:

  • Operated by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities or the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota
  • Registered as a postsecondary institution by OHE
  • Licensed as a postsecondary institution by OHE
  • Exempt from registration and licensure provisions as approved by OHE

How Much Money Can a Grantee Receive?

Each spring, approximately $2 million in Dual Training Grant funds are available. A grantee can receive up to $150,000 a year of which a dual trainee can benefit up to $6,000 per year. Grantees receive funds through a reimbursement process. Grantees pay related instruction costs and OHE reimburses grantees for related instruction costs. In some cases, a cost match is required of grantees. Allowable related instruction costs include tuition, fees, books, and materials that are required by training providers.

What is the Application Process?

Grant applications are available each spring. Visit the Request for Application webpage for more details about the application process and upcoming informational opportunities.

Dual Training Grant Resources

MN Dual-Training Pipeline industries and occupations:

Advanced Manufacturing Agriculture Health Care Services Information Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Agriculture Health Care Services Information Technology

Related Instruction Inventory

The Related Instruction Inventory is a starting point for employers to develop a dual-training program. This inventory includes education and training program options for MN Dual-Training Pipeline occupations. Employers are not required to partner with the training providers on the list as the list is a means to simply provide options.

Who do I Contact with Questions?

For Dual Training Grant Questions, please contact OHE at jacquelynn.mol.sletten@state.mn.us or (651) 355-0609
For MN Dual-Training Pipeline Questions, please contact DLI at Pipeline.Program@state.mn.us

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