Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Private Career School Licensure


If you are a private school or training firm that offers occupational programs below the associate degree level in Minnesota, you must be licensed by the Office of Higher Education unless you meet an exemption under Minnesota Statute 136A.833.

Licensure requires institutions have:

  • certificates or diplomas that meet state standards
  • student records that are protected and accessible to former students
  • a statutory refund policy
  • financial resources sufficient to meet the school's financial obligations
  • appropriate faculty
  • accurate and useful information about programs, tuition and fees, admissions, evaluation, dismissal and refunds for students

Rules & Statutes

You must review the statutes and rules to determine whether your institution is regulated under Minnesota Statute 136A.82 to 136A.834.

How Do You Apply for Licensure for Your Institution?

The Application Packets contain instructions for submitting information to obtain a license:

What If You Are a Current or Prospective Student of a Licensed Institution and Would Like to File a Complaint?

Which Institutions Are Already Licensed in the State of Minnesota?

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