Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Minnesota State Grant Reviews: 2006 and 2008

2008 State Grant Review

The higher education funding bill enacted in 2007 contained a provision requiring the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to conduct an analysis and evaluation of the State Grant program. Analysis focused on the role of the program in promoting affordable access to higher education in Minnesota, including promoting access for students traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Evaluation of the components underlying State Grant policy and the formula used in awarding grants was completed and included examination of the feasibility of expanding eligibility to select groups.

2006 State Grant Review

The Office of Higher Education conducted a review of the Minnesota State Grant program, including an assessment of how state grants are calculated. As part of the review process, the agency gathered public input and conducted limited analyses to assess the program's responsiveness to changing economic conditions and its effectiveness in encouraging qualified disadvantaged students to attend college.


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