Minnesota Office of Higher Education

How to Apply for Reciprocity

Applying made easier


When Should I Apply?

First, apply for admission to the participating reciprocity college or university. You do not have to apply for reciprocity at the same time.

Second, apply for reciprocity online or fill out a paper application. Eligible undocumented students must complete a paper reciprocity application. New applications are available each spring for the following academic year. Your best insurance for receiving the reciprocity tuition price at the time of registration is to apply during the spring or summer before classes start in the fall.

If you want to be approved for reciprocity for the entire academic year, you must apply online or have the paper application postmarked by the last day of scheduled classes for the fall (or first semester) term. Applications filed online or postmarked after the last day of a term will be processed only for the remaining terms in the academic year.

Which Application Do I Complete if I Want Reciprocity Benefits for the Summer Term?

The summer term is treated as the last term of each academic year. For example, if you wanted reciprocity benefits for the 2022 summer term, you would complete the reciprocity application for the 2021-2022 academic year which started with the 2021 fall term and goes through the end of summer term 2022.

Are There Any Exceptions to Filling Out an Application?

Yes. If you are a Minnesota resident (including eligible undocumented students) and enroll in a North Dakota reciprocity college or university within 12 months of graduating from a Minnesota high school, you may not need to complete a reciprocity application. Just present your official Minnesota high school transcript to the participating reciprocity college or university. Check with the college to make sure it participates.

If you are a Minnesota resident (including eligible undocumented students) attending any public college or university in South Dakota, your eligibility for reciprocity benefits will be determined by the campus you attend. You should not submit an application to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

If you are a Minnesota resident (including eligible undocumented students) planning on attending a technical college in Wisconsin, you should apply directly at the college you plan to attend.

Do I Need to Reapply Each Year?

Your reciprocity benefits will be automatically renewed each year if you are attending a reciprocity college or university in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and earned credits in the previous 12 months from the same school. You will need to reapply only if you are not enrolled for 12 months and then decide to re-enroll. In certain cases, your reciprocity benefits will not be renewed if your college determines you are no longer a Minnesota resident.

Where Can I Get a Reciprocity Application?

If you are a Minnesota student, the fastest way to apply is by using our online application. Eligible undocumented students must complete a paper reciprocity application. If you apply electronically, you do not need to complete a paper application. If you are not able to apply online, you can get a paper application at your high school guidance counselor's office or from participating reciprocity colleges or universities. You can print or download a paper application from our website, or request it by writing to:

Office of Higher Education
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55108
Tel: (651) 642-0567 or (800) 657-3866

Residents of other reciprocity states should contact one of the following agencies:

Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board
Reciprocity Program
P.O. Box 7885
Madison, WI 53707
Tel: (608) 267-2209
E-mail: HEABmail@heab.state.wi.us

North Dakota University System
State Capitol Building
Judicial Wing 1st Floor, Room 103
600 E Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 21
Bismarck, ND 58505-0602
Tel: (701) 328-2906
E-mail: ndfinaid@ndus.edu

North Dakota Board for Career and Technical Education
600 E. Boulevard Avenue, Dept 270
Bismarck, ND 58505
Tel: (701) 328-2288
E-mail: cte@state.nd.us

South Dakota Board of Regents
Reciprocity Program
Box 511
Brookings, SD 57007
Tel: (605) 688-4093 or (800) 952-3541
E-mail: Wendy.Geidel@sdstate.edu

Where Should I Send the Reciprocity Application?

Paper applications should be mailed to the appropriate higher education agency in your home state (see above). Do not mail the application directly to the college or university unless otherwise specified.